Trading day 2010-12-01

No trades at all.

Trading day 2010-11-30

Traded like a crazy monkey. No clear setup. Ended the day with a loss after 5 winner  days in a row.

Need to register the  mistakes here.

Trading day 2010-11-29

Nice long setup overnight. Didn’t get it, though (just woke up).

End of day picture:

Trading day 2010-11-24

Before the regular session opens, market has moved almost 10 points higher in direction of CLVN at 1186.50. Cumulative delta, though, has stayed lower.

Trading day 2010-11-23

End of day picture:

Trading day 2010-11-22

Didn’t have time to update here my triggered setups. I’m doing it as soon as possible.

End of day picture:

Trading day 2010-11-19

End of day picture:

Overnight analysis 2010-11-19

Short sellers who started building their inventory at 1194.50 are still holding their positions even with market pushing 4.5 points higher .

Yesterday’s “P” formation suggests short covering activity. Overnight session can’t break yesterday’s high so far.

Trading day 2010-11-18

Market opened with about a 10 points gap up. I didn’t get a clear setup. Just took some scalps, but ended the day with 0 (zero) profit. Considering the commissions, I was a loss day.

End of day picture:

Overnight analysis 2010-11-18

After a range day, market is pushing higher during overnight session. Sellers from Tuesday didn’t give up yet, as we can’t see agressive buyers jumping into market(huge short position still acumulated). If it doesn’t squeeze this short sellers during regular session, I will be looking for shorts setups.

Cumulative low volume node at 1186.50 being tested right now (1:00hs AM ET):

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